Jerome Bettis, CEO Bettis Brothers Sand & Gravel
John Bettis, President Bettis Brothers Sand & Gravel

David Schlosser, EQT Senior Vice President and President, Exploration & Production

Lance Hyde, EQT Diversity Manager

Charlene Petrelli, EQT Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Embracing a robust Supplier Diversity program can help strengthen local communities and
economies by creating opportunities for a variety of businesses that have received diversity
certification. The Entrepreneur Luncheon Panel Discussion will explore the importance of
Supplier Diversity in the Oil and Gas industry. Leadership from EQT Corporation,
together with Jerome Bettis, NFL Hall of Famer and owner of Bettis Brothers Sand and Gravel,
will discuss the importance of Supplier Diversity and their commitment to building relationships
with businesses that reflect diversity in their ownership and management.